Fraser Street

  • This cramped and dated home acquires movement and elegance in this tailored renovation that carefully considers the new alterations with existing mediums.
  • A partial section of kitchen wall is removed to open up the new kitchen cabinets into the dining and living area, allowing a fluid movement into the home. Triple baseboards and custom architrave cover the needed alterations in the kitchen and dress the dated style of the home.
  • A double corner window in the kitchen is eliminated and replaced with a centered single window, allowing function to an extremely cluttered and unorganized space. The challenge is accomplished further by seamlessly patching and repairing the older vinyl siding outside where the existing window is covered up, reducing the need to re-side the entire home. Hours of dedicated sleuthing to acquire an incredible match pays off to avoid the homeowner the unwanted immediate undertaking of siding the house.
  • The complexity of the renovation is centered on preserving the cove plastered ceilings and walls, as well as the existing and original hardwood throughout the main floor of the home. Adding pot lights into the living and dining space is also done seamlessly and appear as if they had always existed there.
  • A stacked ledgestone wall is built to encompass the existing wood fireplace to attract the eye and place importance on one of the original sources of heat for the home.
  • The new glass tile floor in the bathroom challenges any guest to wonder if that had always existed in this heritage inspired home.
  • The floating vanity and custom cabinets tie well with the updated kitchen, coordinating this renovation between all the rooms and allowing newer, cleaner modern touches to compliment the incredible detail of the antique touches within the home. Further efficiency is gained with brand new, energy efficient appliances and finish off this polished look.